ezDI Inc Launches Clinical Documentation Improvement Platform "ezCDI"

ezDI Inc., a leading provider of computer-assisted coding technologies launched ezCDI™, its clinical documentation improvement application at the 9th annual ACDIS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on May 23, 2016.

​Built with advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities that includes Computational Linguistics, Semantic Web and Machine Learning, ezCDI transforms CDI workflows into an automated, real-time, collaborative and effective Revenue Cycle solution.

ezCDI analyzes digitized healthcare data to identify documentation gaps and makes it easily available to clinical document improvement (CDI) and health information management (HIM) professionals. ezDI has combined their computer-assisted coding (CAC) application with ezCDI allowing both coding and CDI workflows to be seamlessly integrated on a single platform in a massively scalable cloud-based infrastructure. Reviewers have access to all interfaced documents in one location to avoid accessing multiple systems that often “time out” or lose connectivity. Once the solution is deployed, there is no scheduled downtime for updates or maintenance as well as tangible cost savings due to decreased reliance on organizational IT support.

Cheryl Ericson, MS, RN, CCDS, CDIP, ezDI's Vice President for CDI Programs of Customer Success stated, "ezDI is revolutionizing how technology can be used to support CDI efforts through its automated suggested queries built on a patent-pending CAC tool allowing limited CDI resources to be focused on known opportunities."

Cheryl Ericson, Vice President for CDI Programs

ezCDI allows users to easily identify their review population by building work lists that prioritizes by query opportunities, allowing CDI teams to focus on the most essential cases, maximizing coverage and efficiency. By leveraging technology that supports different CDI workflows, CDI efforts continue to evolve towards industry best practice. Through ezDI's innovation, CDI staff focus is shifted towards accurately capturing the complexity of the patient population and clinical scenario in coded data impacting both reimbursement and quality of care measures rather than spending time on manual and inefficient tasks just to determine which cases need review.

ezCDI abstracts clinical data in real-time, aligns suggested codes with documented clinical evidence, and analyzes health records for documentation clarification opportunities, eventually streamlining and strengthening the CDI process. The linking of coding and clinical evidence to each code creates transparency and promotes collaboration as CDI and coding are able to focus on the same key documentation within the health record as identified through the NLP engine.

Query Suggestion

ezCDI makes querying easy. Our technology is so advanced that ezCDI not only identifies suggested codes commonly associated with query opportunities, but it also analyzes the record for evidence of missing diagnoses through identified of clinical indicators associated with frequently queried diagnoses. Once the clinical indicators are identified, the applicable query template is automatically populated with the relevant clinical indicators expediting the query creation process.

Although ezCDI has an extensive library of industry compliant queries, ezCDI also supports organizational query templates through its query development tool that allows for uploading current CDI queries, or creating new queries. ezCDI , queries can be integrated with a hospital's EHR to support a query workflow that complements physician documentation workflow to engage providers. Not only are completed queries maintained in ezCDI, but they are also interfaced with the EMR where they can be maintained as part of the legal health record or the business record depending on organizational requirements.

Cheryl Ericson, MS, RN, CCDS, CDIP, ezDI’s Vice President for CDI Programs of Customer Success stated, "ezDI is revolutionizing how technology can be used to support CDI efforts through its automated suggested queries built on a patent-pending CAC tool allowing limited CDI resources to be focused on known opportunities."

About ezDI

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ezDI, Inc. focuses on developing healthcare IT solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies including Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Semantic Web, and High Performance Computing. The goal is to put operational data in the hands of healthcare professionals to help them proactively identify patients at risk, patterns in disease and treatment outcomes.

ezDI builds intuitive healthcare IT solutions spanning Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Computer-assisted Coding (CAC), Medical Transcription, Analytics, and more. ezDI has been named as one of the top 100 highly innovative companies at TiECon 2014 and ranked #1 in the Semantic Evaluation of Clinical Data (SemEval) competition for the year 2015.

For more information, please visit http://www.ezDI.com

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